Something Blue by Susan Elizabeth » NJ, PA, nationwide and destination rustic wedding photographer specializing in the chic, romantic and stylish bride

Susan’s Fun Facts

~ I will cry at your first glance
~ I will climb trees during a photo session
~ I will dance with my camera in my hand
~ I will friend request you on Facebook
~ I will be laying on the ground (a lot) while shooting
~ I will text you
~ I will tell you that you look gorgeous
~ I will love you if you play country music at your reception
~ I will help you through wardrobe malfunctions
~ I will make sure your bridal party is having a blast
~ I will take all the pictures that your “mom wants”
~ I will help you bustle your dress
~ I will convince your bridal party to do the shots you want without complaining
~ I will take a pic for your grandma with her disposable camera
~ I will take a picture for your maid of honor with her cell phone
~ I will tell you if you have lipstick on your teeth
~ I will joke around with you and your bridal party
~ I will jump in the photo booth with you for a picture (I have a collection of these!)
~ I will post “teasers” for you on Facebook

And last but not least……
~ I will be your friend, long after the wedding <3